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uDivine S - Full-Body Massage Chair, Massagesessel
USD 5,380.00
Free Shipping
An intelligent and precise massage system based on the human body contours, combined with a strategically-positioned system of airbags, kneading discs and automatic body detection, the OSIM uDivine S delivers the pleasures of an effective full-body massage.
OSIM uMagic Full-Body Massage Chair
USD 5,380.00
Free Shipping
Free Gift: uCozy (Red Color, FREE GIFT)
OSIM uDiva Massage Sofa, Massage chair
USD 2,980.00
Free Shipping
Free Gift: uCozy (Red Color, FREE GIFT)
The World’s 1st Triple Enjoyment SOFA that lets you enjoy so much more of your good life.

Innovative 3D Power-Ball Massage Technology, combined with best-in-class kneading, tapping and rolling techniques, the uDiva packs an intense, precise and effective full-body massage in one small beautiful sofa.