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OSIM uRelax

A relaxing back massage anytime, anywhere

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  • Back Massager - New OSIM uRelax

    OSIM uRelax

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  • uRelax
    Rejuvenating massage in the comfort of your seat
    Transform your chair into a massage chair with the OSIM uRelax for a pampering back massage.
    Transform your chair into a massage chair instantly with the OSIM uRelax. Light and portable, the uRelax is a massage cushion that fits easily onto most chairs. Now you can enjoy a relaxing back massage anytime, anywhere at your convenience.
    Multiple Massage Options
    The OSIM uRelax is equipped with a host of options to meet your desired massage needs. The uRelax uses 3 massage modes (Shiatsu, Swing & Rolling) to provide soothing relief for your back. You can combine it with a full back, upper back or lower back massage that's just right for you.
    Spot Massage
    The spot massage feature allows you to customise your massage to target a particular area of your back during Shiatsu or Swing massage modes.
    OSIM uRelax
    Massager - OSIM uRelax
    Shiatsu Massage
    The massage rollers move in wide circles to simulate the kneading action of a masseuse's hands for deep tissue relief.
    Swing Massage
    The massage rollers move in a continuous swivel motion to ease away aches and stiffness.
    Rolling Massage
    The massage rollers glide steadily along the curves of your back to stretch the muscles and relieve pressure from the spinal discs.
    Soothing Warmth
    The soothing warmth on the back melts away tension to alleviate aches, relaxes sore muscles and improves blood circulation.
    Vibration Massage
    The relaxing vibration on the seat helps to ease tension and fatigue in the lower body after a long day at work.
    Adjustable Roller Width
    The massage roller width can be adjusted during the Rolling massage mode for a more personalised massage experience.
    Control At Your Fingertips
    The OSIM uRelax's remote control is designed for easy operation. It lets you select your desired massage programme, vibration massage intensity and heat function with the touch of a button.
    Light and Portable
    The OSIM uRelax is light and portable, making it convenient for you to take it anywhere and use it at home or office for a pampering back massage.
    Auto Timer
    For optimal benefit, each massage session is programmed to run for 15 minutes.
    Stop back pain
    • Back pain happens to us all.
    • Visits to professional masseuse help somewhat but it can be relatively expensive for most of us.
    • Portable massagers are a flexible and inexpensive solution.
    Highlight: uRelax, uMama Warm
    Is your back killing you?
    Back pain is a very common problem. Whether you are young or old, physically active or not, most people suffer from back pain at least some of the time.
    How to stop back pain?
    A change of activity like exercising or practicing good seating posture help in preventing back pain. So too does relaxation techniques like massaging. Such techniques effectively ease your muscle tension, relieving you of your aches instantly and cost effectively.
    Most back pain can be alleviated with visits to trained physiotherapists, osteopaths or chiropractors. While these are viable options, regular vists may burn a hole in your wallet or simply isn’t flexible enough to fit into your busy work schedule.
    What other options are available?
    A relatively inexpensive option is portable massagers. These are popular because it’s available for you 24/7. The best is that you can take your massager anywhere with you, whether you are driving, standing or sitting!
    Compared to professional services, portable massagers are more affordable. Thus you can complement professional visits with these home-solutions. Even if you’re not suffering from pain, regular massages are known to improve blood circulation and enhance well-being.
    OSIM has 2 models of innovative back massagers that are designed to complement hectic lifestyles - uMama Warm and uRelax. How do they compare?