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The World's 1st Laptop Massager

OSIM uPixie
OSIM Pulse Massager - Plug in and massage away! Plug it in and take full control of the uPixie electronic pulse massager (or EMS unit) right from your computer screen. The power of massage now packed in a USB thumb-drive! Compatible for Windows / Mac
Pulse Massager - Full suite of massage programmes 4 pre-programmed massages (Energise, De-stress, Deep Relief, Shape Up) and 3 massage modes (Tapping, Kneading, Squeezing) at 20 different intensity levels for you to tweak to perfection.
uPixie Pulse Massager - 2 GB microSD card Never run out of storage space again with the built-in microSD card reader.
Muscle Stimulator, Muscle Massager, Pulse Massager - OSIM uGogo
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  • Electronic Pulse Massager, Electrical Muscle Stimulation EMS unit - OSIM uPixie


    Retail Price:
    USD 165.00
  • uPixie
    The world's 1st Laptop Massager
    Surf, work, chat, read, play, listen...
    anytime, anywhere. Now Massage.
    The compact and portable uPixie is equipped with a suite of specialized massage programmes, relieving aches and pain on your desired body area anytime, anywhere. Simply connect to a computer and massage away.
    • The pulses generated by the OSIM uPixie are comparable to neutral bioelectricity present in our body and they stimulate the body to release its own natural ‘feel good’ or pain-relieving hormones called endorphins.
    • Pulse massagers have been tried, tested and proven effective as a drug-free method for muscle recovery and relieving muscle aches and strains.
    • Pulse massagers are also used by athletes and bodybuilders to tone and firm up muscles.
    uPixie in a nutshell
    • Thumb-drive sized USB massager
    • Full control from your computer screen
    • 4 well-balanced massage programmes
    • Music Synchronised massage
    • Customisable massage
    • Card reader with 2GB micro SD card (expandable)
    • Software language: English, Simplied Chinese and Traditional Chinese
    • Compatible with Windows® and Macintosh®
    Specialised massage programmes
    The OSIM uPixie electronic pulse massager is pre-programmed with 4 well-balanced massage programmes, each designed to relieve muscle aches and tone up your body while you go about working on your computer.
    This programmed sequence of intense tapping, kneading and squeezing awakens your muscles with an invigorating massage so that you feel more refreshed and focused for the day ahead.
    Lighten up and melt the day’s stress away as the soothing kneading and squeezing massage relieve muscle aches and strains after a long day.
    Deep Tissue Relief
    The combination of gentle kneading with alternating light and strong tapping massage action penetrates deep into the muscle layers to provide quick soothing relief.
    Eases stiff neck and shoulders
    Shape Up
    The energetic pulses in the Shape Up programme works the muscles, giving you an invigorating workout for a slimmer, well-toned silhouette.
    Firms tummy
    Music Synchronised massage technology
    The music synchronised massage technology in uPixie lets you ease stiff muscles to the rhythm of your favourite music while you relax for complete mind and body rejuvenation. Connect to your computer’s music player, sync and massage away.
    Customisable massage with manual massage modes
    Customise your massage with a variety of massage actions, intensities and duration according to the way you like it.
    This percussive massage works like the rolled-up fists of a skilled masseuse, giving you instant relief while improving blood circulation and reducing muscle stiffness.
    Alternates between low and high frequencies to simulate a gentle squeezing massage action, helping to ease muscle fatigue.
    Simulates the kneading action of a masseuse to provide deep tissue relief for muscle aches and strains.
    Other features
    Mass storage capacity
    The uPixie electronic pulse massager also functions as a mass storage device with a micro SD card.
    Compact design
    Small and lightweight, the compact and portable uPixie electronic pulse massager allows you to have a massage anytime, anywhere.
    Safety cut-off
    If any one of the pads loses contact with your skin, the electrical pulses will automatically shut off.
    Soft start
    All programmes are designed to start-up gradually so you do not experience sudden jolts of current.
    Systems requirements
    • Windows XP® 32-bit/Windows® Vista/7/8/8.1 32-bit/64-bit
      - 1400MHz Intel® Pentium® M or above
      - 512 MB RAM
      - USB 2.0
    • MAC OS® X 10.5 to 10.10
      - 1 GHz Intel® processor or above
      - 512 MB RAM
      - USB 2.0